Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Last Year...Happy New Year

With an amazing year of new horse experiences behind me I look back with a fairly significant degree of satisfaction that I can’t think of a single opportunity I turned down without a really, really good reason (as well as a dose of remorse that I couldn’t be in two places at one time!).

What have I done, you ask???? In no particular order…

I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Save A Forgotten Equine, a non-profit horse rescue
Was a ring steward at a Mustang Show
Attended the Maker’s Mark Mile at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky
Helped build shelters at S.A.F.E.
Co-Organized HeART of the Horse, an Art Show/Auction to benefit Horse Rescue
Rode a Peruvian Paso
Watched a Colt-Starting Clinic
Showed my horse. …Twice! (Won a couple ribbons too)
Went to the Kentucky Derby & the Kentucky Oaks
Visited Old Friends Racehorse Retirement Farm
Was in the Emerald Downs Winner’s Circle so many times I lost count
Rode a pony…yes, a pony…in fact I “Jumped” said pony!
Remained “fall-free” all year
Attended two Thoroughbred Auctions…and didn’t buy a single horse
But…I helped rescue two Paints and still have one
I rode a beautiful Thoroughbred Mare named Cedar County Queen even though I was very intimidated by her height but totally fell in love with her movement and spirit.
Kissed the fastest 2yr old racehorse in Washington on the nose
I’m wearing Barbaro every day
Rode a Mule!
Learned that to sit a jog, one must be riding a mount who actually jogs…and jogged!
Rode trails three times and had a fantastic day each time
Finally found not ONE, but TWO saddles that fit & deleted all the rest from the “collection”
Met so many amazing new horse people…far to many to name all at one time but most definitely far too amazing to ever forget.

I hope no one thinks I’m just bragging. That’s not my intention at all. I’m sure it’s clear that I have some fun stories to go along with many, if not all of the above statements and I’m wishing I’d thought to write them all out. As I look at the list I already know there are some I’m missing because, truly, I was fortunate enough to have so many.

A few weeks ago it hit me that recording them in a blog might be a great way to go back and revisit them myself from time to time while fulfilling my Mother’s wish that I would write…consistently!! So Mom…. for all the times you said, “You should write a blog”…your wish is my granted. I’m looking forward to a year of saying “Yes!” to as many opportunities as I can to learn something new or experience something I already love …again! 2010 is Jet’s Next Amazing year…. I hope you’ll ride along side me on my journey. Let’s see where it takes us!
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