Friday, December 31, 2010

Watching The Ball(s) Drop on New Years Eve!

New York with it's Ball Dropping tradition every New Years Eve has nothing on Tacoma, Washington tonite...we beat ya by 13!!!! Take THAT Big Apple!

I spent the day at Operation Gelding, a clinic organized by the Doctors & Staff at Tacoma Equine Hospital to help the struggling equine community to change Stallions & Stud Colts into Glorious Geldings. The project was sponsored by the Unwanted Horse Coalition in an effort to help control the horse population by making it affordable to local owners.

Eight horses & probably as many volunteers were signed up to attend the clinic today. One young colt wasn't quite feeling 100% today so his owner opted not to proceed, holding off a few weeks to get back up to par but that still left several others and I'm proud to say SEVEN new Geldings were sent back into the community.

Dr's Linda Hagerman & Meg deGravelles donated the use of their facility & friendly staff members, Nicole & Karen while King Feed donated straw for stall bedding & their pharmacy suppliers donated post-op medications. A whole legion of volunteers showed up and the process went very well, I'd say.

My job was to organize the intake paperwork and make sure that everything was signed plus any other support duties that might need to be done, like counting out pills.  I think I got the easiest job while most of my co-volunteers were outside in the stalls, typically with a leg in-hand during the procedure. I stepped out several times to watch the happenings but happily popped back in the toasty office to thaw. The sun was shinning but it was CHILLLLLLY out there!

All of the owners were very nice and extremely grateful for the affordable service and I'd say it got to folks who needed it. One brought us salmon spread and hand made soaps as a "Thank You"...and the gesture was very much appreciated and unexpected.

Yummm! Thanks Juliane :)

Another unexpected surprise was a McDonalds Sugar-free iced coffee for me when Juliane Hanley of Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team showed up (knowing I have a *slight* addiction to them). She was bringing in Cherokee, a black & white Paint that she saved at the auction in August. This clinic was just the right timing for her to get this already sweet guy the procedure that would give a better opportunity to find a good home. Stallions just don't re-home as well as geldings & mares! Interestingly enough, Nicole from Tacoma Equine had just been saying that she could be in the market for a well mannered horse like a Quarter Horse or a Paint...and after she came out to admire him I mentioned that he might likely be up for adoption sometime in the near future...her eyes lit up! We'll all cross our fingers that some magic may have happened today...or at least that he gets some attention which is what so many of the rescue horses need...just to be noticed.

Getting a pre-op pep talk

Cherokee actually did extremely well before, during and after his procedure. But even the most experienced owners are concerned about their equine friends going under & Juliane clearly wanted what's best for him & there for him every step of the way...

For Cherokee's baby book....awwww!
  His procedure went well and his recovery appeared pretty easy.

It took a whole team to get him into position once he went down

At least the sun came out and it *looked* like a summer day ...but it sure didn't feel like it!

Starting to perk up a little bit
He & Juliane had some together time before Dr. Linda gave him his last check before releasing him to go home

I went through this process with Basil but it certainly was not on the scale of today's adventure in gelding. I did learn the name of the tool used to..uh...make the cut....The Emasulator ...I'm not kidding....that's really what it's called....

Lisa demonstrates the delicate nature of the Emasculator
While talking to the staff, I learned that there was a waiting list for both horses and volunteers and that they'd like to do this again if they can get sponsors to help cover the costs. I was thinking that it would be great to have several vet practices rotate months in various areas so that many owners could take advantage of the opportunity. Perhaps then each practice might only have to host one of these clinics once or twice a year. What an amazing way to give back to the equine community and to be a part of the solution to the horse over-population problem. I know I'd be up to help at future clinics and I think most folks who helped today would too.

We hear over & over to end on an "Up Note" when working with horses and I'd have to say this was one such Up end the year with such a positive message and don't see this stuff in Time Square!

So my husband is waiting for me to finish so we can celebrate the new year with our parrot head friends but I wanted to share this one last great adventure in my incredible horse year with you. I hope everyone can reflect on 2010 and find times that you'll always want to remember...and that tomorrow finds you in 2011 with renewed hope.

Happy New Year everyone!!

1/1/11 eta: Here's a write up on the clinic in the Tacoma News Tribune!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Pony For Christmas

My husband used to ask what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas and my first and fast answer was always "A PONY!"...then I got one...but when the question came up PAC (Post Acquiring Coconut) my answer was still "a pony..."  with just a tad less pleading and a smidgen of slyness in hopes I might be able to sneak in a second one...and then I got that one too. Be careful what you wish just might get it!

These days I'm down to one and actually pretty thankful for that as well as the experience of having helped Basil as well as (we'll call them) *joys* of bringing up a young horse from a weanling. My current position is that I am glad that is over with so that I no longer have to wonder what it's like. I've done it, no one was seriously injured in the process, a reasonably calm gelding has been brought into the equestrian community, I've moved on and so has he...but to the best outcome I can think of :)

So that takes me back to what I wanted for Christmas...strangely I did not ask for a pony this year...and when I gave my family suggestions for gifts I might like to have, they apparently listened and went to some pretty specific lengths to acquire certain items for I had not picked out things that one can readily run down to Walmart and buy. They added a few pieces to my slightly rare china service when I announced I thought we should move from service for eight to service for twelve in the event that all four kids couple up some day and take our core family to 10. As it is, with just one Grandson & only one extra significant other we're already right at eight. So that was awesome...they also added a piece of luggage in the hard-to-find design that I like & now I can travel in style on my adventures.

I did get a pony...actually I got several Equine themed gifts this year...even without asking (ok, almost without asking!)...Les gave me a VIP Day at Emerald Downs in the Widmer Club complete with a named race! This is becoming a happy gift tradition for me...for both of us actually! I am already getting exciting for the 2011 race meet.

AND...he gave me a Pink Leather Halter for Coconut. It was a bit of a last minute decision & had to be custom ordered but it should be here shortly. Several months ago Bonnie sent me a link to Quilin Leather & Tack in Kentucky. From their website:

"It all started a week and a half before the 2010 Kentucky Derby - we were asked to make Presentation Halters for the Derby and Oaks entries. The only catch was that the Oaks Fillies’ Halters were to be Pink! We’re very traditional at Quillins and we were taken a little aback by the request ... but never shying away from a challenge we accepted and delivered this special order in less than a weeks time. The Pink Halters have caused quite a stir and one was recently presented to Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear at The Center for Women in Racing’s - Horses and the Hearts of Women Gala."

This is one thing I did "hint" fact when I got it I sent the link to Les with the particulars: size, throat snap, name plate, etc...and a week ago he claimed I hadn't told him what I wanted for Christmas, I indicated that I had, in deed, given him a very specific hint PLUS he was sitting right next to Santa when I told him that I wanted a pink leather halter for Coconut! These are the same fancy halters used on Thoroughbreds...only PINK! Even though she's not a Thoroughbred she's in good company with the Oaks Fillies!!! I can hardly wait til it gets here!

Maeve also got me an equine themed adorable necklace with a vintage cowgirl photo. The day after I put it on, my Magnabilities chain broke. I think the cowgirl was claiming her territory. Yee Haw!!

I met up with Lynn & Kim for lunch a few weeks ago and got a little pre-holiday gift of a Laurel Burch mug in my favorite design: Moroccan Mares.


Then Lynn surprised me on Christmas Eve with a drawing she made of Coconut...I am so deeply touched! Lynn's known in our SAFE Supporter circle as an amazing quilter, but there are a few of us who were introduced to her talent for drawing early as she captured the spirit of SAFE horses like Hope & Biscotti who were the horses that first drew her into the organization. It's been my understanding that she hasn't been doing much drawing lately so that she chose to draw Coconut is nothing short of an incredible honor...

Thank you Lynn Mazer!!
...and then there's one gift that some of you might have to read this line twice when you learn that I have a collection of Holiday Budweiser Beer, I don't drink beer...but it's a long standing tradition in my family that dates back to about 1981. I was shopping with my Mom for pieces to a Jim Beam train my Stepdad Larry collected & saw a stein at a local liquor store and I liked it because it had Clydesdales on it so that became my gift to him...something we both liked: Me~Horses, Him~Budweiser. I gave him one nearly every year after that...

When Larry passed away in 2005, we kids were put in charge of clearing his home and picking things we'd like to keep. I basically only wanted the Budweiser Stein collection and since then my son, Corey, has kept the tradition going by now gifting me with the yearly edition. He's been with me since the beginning of return to horses and coincidentally had decided the Clydesdales are his favorite breed so it makes a lot of sense that he would keep the tradition going with these's a connection to the past that has come full circle to our present & reminds me of those special times with Larry. I think he'd be very proud to know that the tradition lives on.

So those are my Christmas Ponies....I wonder what everyone else got?? What ever your traditions are, I hope you all have good friends & family as well. Even without the gifts, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people to love & inspire me. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Helmet

I have the sweetest holiday helmet story to share with you...last night we were out in a Christmas Boat Parade on Lake Union with our Parrot Head friends and Santa was aboard, but not dressed up in his big red suit, just a red henley, some jeans and his traditional hat. My six year old grandson, Daemon, spotted him waiting on the dock to get on board and asked if that was really Santa and I told him "Yes, I think so...but remember tonight is his last night off before his BIG toy delivery day, so he's probably trying to keep it low key."

Spectacular lights on the water

The voyage was fantastic...we saw all sizes of boats decked out for Christmas and the largest one, The Christmas Ship, broadcasted live caroling out to the flotilla. It was really a spectacular event to be a part of.

We were not alone out there!!

Our boat ride took some unexpected turns...just before we left, we were boarded by the Seafair Pirates and Daemon lost no time joining up with the scally-ways & soon had tricked them out of a whole handful of their dabloons and a very large diamond from from their treasure chest. Arrrgh,...he be a sly one that Daemon!

Never fear, Daemon outsmarted these pesky prirates!!
The pirates even tried to capture the Princess (yes ME!) a time or two...

but in the end I was rescued by the Parrot Prince!! *Kiss Kiss*
 We know just about everyone on the boat so we let Daemon pretty much have his run of the place but it was towards the end of the trip that I discovered him engaged in a very one-on-one chat with Santa. Picture them in fold up chairs on the upper deck...Daemon sitting with a leg under himself for some height an arm draped over the back of the chair, leaning in to make sure that every bit of important information was communicated and received...looking deeply into Santa's eyes...

You're probably thinking that he was going over his list...but as I moved in closer (undetected at first because he was so engrossed in the conversation) I overheard the very intently asked question "So where DO you get all those toys?" ...and of course Santa explained how it was up to the elves to make sure all those toys got made. Then came "Why do you need that BIG (arms held out) bag?" &  Santa explained that he'd probably lose toys off the sleigh in flight without it. Then came "How do you know if everyone's been naughty or nice?" and Santa said that because he flies so high he can see a lot at one time. I could see Daemon taking that in, nodding his head knowingly as he figured out loud "So if you're a mile up in the air, you can probably see from the North Pole all the way to North America" Santa nodded along.

Next came the flying reindeer question where Santa explained how reindeer start learning to fly when they're just babies, that they just like to do it and he'd never use a whip on a reindeer or any animal. And then the question that makes this whole scene horse-blog worthy....

"Santa, when you're way up there in the sky, riding in your sleigh, do you wear a helmet?"...."No" Santa replied...he'd never fallen out of the sleigh before. In a very sincere & caring voice Daemon told Santa "But if you did fall out you could get hurt very bad & I don't want you to get hurt."

Eventually the conversation turned to things that Daemon might want for Christmas and he had his mental list ready, not only telling him what he wanted but I even overheard him leaning in and explaining that "You can find that at Ross!" so Santa knew where to go in case he hadn't already loaded it up for him. Whatever it was (I didn't get close enough to hear the exact list as he did try to keep that part of the conversation "low key") he did mention that his Mom had told him he may have to save his money and buy it after Christmas so it would be ok if Santa brought it because he knew his Mom wasn't going to get it. Santa told him he couldn't go against Mom's wishes but that he try his best to make sure Daemon was happy on Christmas morning. Daemon seemed OK with that answer but asked "Do you think you could at least get to #3 on the list?" I don't know how Santa could refuse after that whole conversation.

Santa & Daemon showing off the treasure he got from the Pirates!
 Eventually the subject of Santa's cookie preferences came up and why wouldn't he just go out the door rather than back up the chiminey, etc... but you can guess that this was a magical night for young Daemon...and the rest of us as well. As he got up to leave, Daemon said his good-byes & said "Merry Christmas Safe up there in the sky!!!" as Santa walked away, Daemon turned to me and "I really do wish Santa would wear a helmet!"

His Mom makes him wear a helmet every time he rides a bike or his scooter and I have instilled in him the importance of wearing a helmet while riding horses. I've had him promise never to ride without one and I try to be a good example by wearing one every time I ride as well...even when he's not with me. So that's my Holiday Helmet story...and here's a few photos of Daemon in his helmet at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show riding Lexi the rescue horse.

Safe Riding at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show 2009

First Place!!

Enjoy Christmas Eve merry and bright and ALWAYS wear a helmet when you ride!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride

With just a few days to go until Christmas it seems like excellent planning that I could just check out of the holiday madness and head for the trails on the Sunday before. Not that I had all my gifts wrapped...or even purchased, for that matter...but our friend Kathleen decided to organize a ride with some of us gals connected to SAFE & I was way on board for some trail fun.

The planing started weeks ago and we all watched as the weather forecast went from rainy to snowy and back to rainy. We decided that it could take all the way until that morning to decide NOT to do it but went ahead and planned that it would happen. Friday was a lovely day and the weekend still looked to be pretty miserable. I kept wishing that Friday could have been held over for Sunday but wouldn't you know it, the sun was out and the sky was blue Sunday morning as I headed to the barn to hook up the trailer, load up Coconut and her gear and head out.

One small problem; there was a horrible patch of black ice on the road in front of the barn. In fact, someone from our barn skidded off the road and her family was all parked out on the main road trying to help her out as I drove up at 9am. I wasn't going fast at all but even when I breaked to make the turn, the back end of the truck started to slide and so took my foot off the break and just coasted to the next intersection where I could make a U-turn and head back to the driveway. I hoped that the 2 hours before I needed to be on my way would give enough time for the sun to melt the roadway down enough for me to get out to Taylor Mountain.

Thankfully, the road was driveable and I was able to get out there safely. I actually had no road problems until I actually hit the Hobart/Issaqua exit where it was still shady and there was still ice, but thankfully I had the good sense to slow way down for the exit and we made it fine.

When I got to the trailer parking lot, Everyone was already there, which made my decision to back into the one remaining space a little stressful. I not only had to fit in but had to do it in front of my friends! Kathleen did offer to back it in for me but I managed (albeit slightly crooked) to get myself respectfully in.

Kathleen brought her horse Apollo & offered up her three other horses, Captain, Fancy & Dallas as mounts for Monica, Sara & Allison while Lynn brought Kitty. Once we were all saddled up, we headed up for our adventure.

Coconut does "OK" late in the pack, but not necessarily THE back horse. Sara &Fancy initially brought up the back but Fancy wasn't liking that position too well either and ended up moving up towards the front with her friend, Captain, with Monica aboard. Apollo & Dallas pretty much stayed in the middle for most of the trip and about the time we picked up a spare dog (much to the dismay of his owner) Dallas was not a happy camper and gave Allison quite a ride, testing all of her riding skills but thankfully she had the balance to ride it out and stayed on. Once the dog left and Dallas settled down Allison's ride became much more enjoyable for her.

Eventually Lynn & Kitty fell back and rode with Coconut and I and for the rest of the trip we had 3 very well matched riding pairs, horse & human wise, I believe!

The scenery was absolutely lovely. We had the sun shining in the blue skies, some beautiful trails and in some places we still had snow on the ground so it made for a very enjoyable and diverse experience. Coconut had to cross water and although she did tense up a little, she followed her new horse friends pretty well. Not bad for her first least it wasn't very long or deep. At one point I saw Kathleen entering what looked like a lake and my inner alarm went right off....I don't think the teeny tiny creek victory in any way prepared us for something of that size...but I watched as Monica & Sara both entered while Allison seemed to be staying back. As Lynn & I caught up I saw what I thought was Fancy sinking into water. I was starting to panic a bit thinking we were going to have to rescue this horse from some soft mud or something. Sara bailed off into the icy cold water, thankfully landing on her feet so only her boots, half chaps & the lower legs of her breeches were wet (about knee deep) and that's when it hit me that she was standing next to Fancy who was now in up to her belly...about then Kathleen came back over saying "I forgot to warn you...." it turns out that Fancy likes to LAY IN WATER....even icy water wearing a saddle & a rider!!!! Fancy got back up and had muddy legs but thankfully no one had to be rescued and Sara, a great sport, hopped back on and rode the rest of the ride with wet legs & feet. What a trooper!!

Coconut was "pretty good"....she spooked when we were the last horse in line and a tree snapped. She started to refuse me when I discovered that I had dropped my crop (obviously I hadn't needed it & couldn't even remember when I last had it in my hand) but got herself pulled together and proceeded on within a few moments. HOWEVER....the only time Coconut has kicked another horse was on a ride with Kim and Mercedes, a lovely black Tennessee Walking Horse mare about a year and a half ago....until yesterday...She took aim and made contact with Apollo, who also happens to be a black Tennessee Walking Horse. Do we see a pattern here? What's up with that??? I was completely embarrassed because normally she's a pretty docile mare unless someone gets in her face....she doesn't like horses to touch her face (except Sugar, of course!) but after her kick, the war was on.... She kept giving little "warning" bucks his way & Apollo gave a few pseudo attitude moves at her but at one of the switch backs Lynn &  I were in the middle with Kathleen & Allison behind us. As we made the turn, Coconut flashed a look of hatred at Apollo and it made Kathleen and Allison both gasp and laugh at her...good grief!!

The rest of the ride was actually pretty calm, although I clearly need to get out and do this more. The loop took about 3 hours and I was pretty well DONE at the end. Between the cold air and the climbing and descending, my knees were toast. Today my whole body ached but it was a *Happy Hurt* and I'd do it all again in a heart beat. In fact, this is almost a tradition. It was the Sunday before Christmas last year as well that we went out and did the SAFE Poker ride at Bridle Trails. I'm all for making it a yearly ride!

Coconut wanted to know if we could Pleeeeeeeeeeaze Go Home!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cedar County Queen

It was in the summer of 2009 that I got my first ride on a Thoroughbred with an audience of volunteers at a work party. Cedar County Queen made me rethink what I thought I wanted in a horse. I wrote about her in my post Off To The Races in May of this year.

This was posted on the Save A Forgotten Equine message board & facebook pages:

"SAFE was recently devastated to learn that Cedar County Queen was humanely euthanized. Cedar was a lovely TB mare rescued from a neglect situation in early 2008. She was adopted to a wonderful home in 2009 but after a few months in full training at a hunter/jumper facility began to show signs of extreme pain in her pelvic area. After several months of careful rehab she seemed to improve but then over the summer declined again and the difficult decision to euthanize was made by her loving adoptive mom Lori. RIP sweet Cedar and we send our sincere condolences to Lori for her loss as well."

In the years I've known her, she's had several consistent riders: Monica, Allison, Kyle, Sara & probably a few more, who I am sure are all feeling her loss today.

She was well loved and a favorite among the volunteers as well as one of the most popular, perhaps partially because she remained with SAFE so long.

Thank you Lori, for giving her a home, love and peace. We all share in your loss.

Thank you Cedar County Queen for being such a wonderful girl & the star of many of our dreams.

You will be greatly missed.

Please enjoy these photos from my ride with Cedar (as stolen from Lynn Mazer)

Making Geldings!

Just a quick note this evening,

On Friday, December 31st, Tacoma Equine Hospital will be hosting a Gelding Clinic. If you have a stallion that needs to be a gelding then hurry and make your reservation. There are a limited number of spots open that day & Dr. Meg dGravelles is offering this service for $50. I hear there might even be two services donated to pre-qualified participants. Dr. Meg told me on the phone today that she hopes to do 10, which will take all day.

"The Tacoma Equine Hospital is planning a gelding clinic on Friday, December 31st. This is being sponsored by The Unwanted Horse Coalition - the price is $50. To make an appointment, or to volunteer to assist, call 253.535.6999. Any questions, contact Dr. Meg deGravelles (same phone number.)"

Here's a link to Tacoma Equine Hospital but I didn't see anything on their website about the clinic. I did, however, call and confirm with Dr. Meg herself that they're doing this. I'm actually going to come down and volunteer to help folks check in and get their horses unloaded, reloaded, etc...the non-medical parts I can help with.

I have a flyer if anyone would like to contact me at I'll be happy to forward one to you.

Send this information on to everyone you know. Let's

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Quest For Faux Horses

One of the awesome events attached to the World Equestrian Games was an art project called Horsemania 2010. LexArts, Lexington's premier cultural development, advocacy and fund raising organization, produced the Horsemania event which challenged local artists to create these life-sized painted horses to display around Lexington until after WEG.

I really enjoyed spending time searching these horses out and if you read my "A day in the life of a WEG Volunteer" post you'll remember I spent awhile on my last morning in Lexington trying to photograph as many as possible.

Here are a few of my favorites...



In The Sky With Diamonds


Egyptian Treasure


We all really enjoyed them and the sometimes deeper meaning to some of the pieces but Chrissy fell in love with them and decided she wanted one for her farm. I mentioned that Hickey Feed recently advertised the pink one they had and she made me promise to check to see if it was still available when we got back to Washington.

Upon returning Chrissy & I took a drive out to Hickey Feed to see if it was still there but learned once we arrived that it had been sold a few weeks prior for about $500, more than the asking price initially. They said they were pretty sure they could have held out for more...and they're probably right.

By this time Chrissy was sure that she wanted one and that she wanted Maeve to customize it for her. So we set out to find another one. Within a few days I located a bonanza of them on Craigslist at one locale in Oregon. I wrote them a few times, sent photos back and forth but between my trip to the Caribbean, Chrissy's trip to Panama & my little jaunt down to California last weekend, we finally set up an appointment with the individual offering them for sale just this last Monday... about a month after my initial contact with them and two months after the decision to seek one out was made in Lexington.

I landed from the California trip on Sunday evening and 8am on Monday morning, Chrissy & I set out for "Sweet Home" Oregon (sounds like a song in there somewhere, right?). The adventure gave us some time to catch up on horse news, friends, and lots of other stuff but took a bit longer than we expected and after having to stop to eat, we ended up at our destination around 2pm.

We had no idea what we were about to encounter, only that these folks had at least one single horse, two teams of horses set up in harnesses for a wagon and/or stagecoach display as well as a Native American on the back of a paint horse.

We got a little lost at first but when we saw the big white gate with the faux foal on top we figured we had the right place. As we came down the driveway, we were suddenly struck with the adorableness of this place. Someone had taken a great deal of time to create amazing scenes all around this property (perhaps 2 acres?).

As we drove up toward the house we passed a miniature old western town

a large size "Jail", "bank", "Saloon" & "hotel"

some deer

Wild bears were plentiful

A large Ram

and a Native American seemed to be directing us across the driveway

to the prospector and his mule

This is where a very nice gal named Deborah came out to greet us. We knew there had to be some kind of story with all of these scenes set up all over the property and she shared with us that her Parents had collected all these animals and her Dad had constructed all of the play buildings and even the replica stagecoach and hearse by hand. For many years this had been his passion and the animals came from their many travels. Some of the collection was being sold off in preparation for his move to live with his daughter once his wife, who is dying of cancer, passes away here soon. Suddenly this wonderland had a very sad overtone and coming to collect one of it's pieces began to feel more like becoming part of the legacy rather than taking it apart. Deborah gave us a mini tour of place and introduced us to the rest of the collection.

An elephant (That Chrissy wanted to bring home with us as well!)

some giraffes

A Tiger

A hippo & another elephant

This team of mules

A team of Clydesdales

and finally the horses we'd come to see

We were only prepared to buy one and the owner did not want to split up the driving pairs but poor Chrissy actually would have preferred one of the larger horses initially.

And then we met the gray Arabian that we'd decided would most likely come home with us

and while I remembered getting the photos, the horse seemed to be just a bit different than I my mind I kept seeing a red saddle for some reason...

...until I realized I had it mixed up in my head with this Horsemania Horse

Desert Dream

And when I got home I's even the same horse in basic color and position...suddenly it seemed meant to be...Chrissy got her life-sized model horse after all. Perhaps we'll call this her Faux Horsemania Horse...

Then came the issue of getting it home. We had initially planned to bring the horse trailer but at the last minute thought it would be fine to bring just the flat-bed truck so we all brain-stormed about how the best way to haul it home...

We all had a good laugh about hauling it standing up and facing forward, joking about the looks we'd get on the drive back up to Seattle.

But eventually we figured laying down was probably safest so this is how we traveled up I-5.

I'm sure we got quite a few looks thinking this might be a deceased horse as we made our way home. One guy followed us into a rest-stop, slowed down as he passed, checking out our cargo and then moved on without stopping to "rest". We even parked for dinner in Winlock and I'm sure he brought a few more double-takes.

He's now at Horsepitatlity Too, Chrissy farm in Auburn. He's called Patrick, after Deborah's Dad and Maeve's been summoned to come and give her opinion on if he should be painted "Maeve" style or left as is...that's a blog for later I'm sure...but for now, Chrissy has her faux horse and it turns out to be very close to one of the Lexington Horsemania horses.

Most of the Horsemania horses did sell at the Keeneland Sales Pavilion on December 3rd and more than $383,000 was raised to support local charities & the arts in Lexington. But if anyone else is wishing they could have one of their own, there are about 15 remaining horses unsold at the auction but available on ebay with starting bids of $3,000 each. That could be quite an interesting holiday gift for someone. I checked them out and the auctions are due to close on December 18th.

This one's one of my personal favorites and still available without a bid as of today on eBay (in case anyone's still shopping for me!).

Paisley Pony

I did check out the list of all of the ones on ebay. A few of them do have bids but most are still available.