Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm still working on the next Great Paint Project entry but have some other stuff going on this week in my horse world.

40's WAY too many...

There's been a local story about 40+ horses in Roy, WA that have been living in deplorable conditions and Pierce County Animal Control has been working on a case, actually having already seized 3 of the horses. PCAC has officially allowed Ripley's Horse Aid Foundation to go in and assist with rehoming as many of the horses as the owner, Darlene Wilson, will allow. We're hoping for ALL of them to be surrendered but apparently the number is dwindling. If you can help financially or can provide a foster or permanent adoptive home, please follow their link above to find out how you can make a donation or offer assistance.

Read the latest update to the story in The Dispatch

2 Days until OPENING DAY at Emerald Downs & 3's Company for SWAG Stables...

I have been looking forward to Opening Night for the 2010 Race Meet at Emerald Downs for some time and on Friday we've got quite a group going! The plan was to sit in the terrace and do the traditional buffet dinner but when I called at 10am on the first day you could reserve tables there were SOLD OUT in the terrace so we've decided to take our chances on getting a table to base from. Corey & I plan to go over early and watch the simulcast of the Apple Blossom Invitational from Oaklawn Park in Arkansas to watch the incredible ZENYATTA run for the $5,000,000 purse! Hopefully that's early enough to snag a table for the group.

But the LIVE Excitement starts as our own race season kicks off that evening.

Keith & Jan Swagerty SHATTERED the longstanding win record of 23 trips to the winners circle in a single meet with a whopping 27 wins last year. I was fortunate enough to join them on several of those trips and am hoping for another great year for their amazing team at SWAG Stables. These are one of the "Good Barns" in the local racing scene, not only in their amazing success but also in their dedication to their horses. Each one is a member of the team ... with many of them actually named for members of their family, you could say the horses are family too.

I met Jan riding at Chrissy's a couple of years ago and really liked her from the start. She's just a gentle and kind woman and I've since learned this is a common trait in their family. She invited me to join them in the paddock last season & told me to join them ANY time they were in the winner's circle. Being a life-long race fan, this was like a dream come true & the big bonus is that they are truly just the nicest people.

They've got 3 horses in the Opening Night line-up.
Race 2 - Suzanne's Blast
Race 6 - No Flies On Doodle
Race 8 - Sweet Jumper

Les says never bet against a SWAG horse...and I've seen No Flies On Doodle and Sweet Jumper in the winner's circle before. I'm guessing Suzanne's Blast, who's new to me, is in the line up for very good reasons so, of course, they'll be MY picks!

3 Shows, 1 to go and 87 points have me in 3rd place so far...

Saturday morning is our last show in the Donida winter/spring series and we've crunched the numbers so I think I've figured out the scoring system and based on the 4 show requirement, Coconut and I actually have a chance at the High Point title...and would be THRILLED to come in 2nd or 3rd! We've been practicing and my "pink glove" is not making the task easy by any means. I'm excited none-the-less and believe it's going to be a great show! How can it not be with so many of my friends coming to support us? I'm going back with Kelli on Sunday to support them right back and ...just might have a little surprize, myself.

I was hoping to be able to sport my spiffy new helmet but the box came today and it was brown :-/ so I'll be sending it back, opting for the black one I requested...which is disappointing since I wanted to SHOW it off this weekend! Oh well...there will be other shows, right? Let's hope so!

TOP 20 Blog Honors!

Equestrian Collections announced their list of their favorite Top 20 Horse Blogs and Hoofprints Across My Heart was listed among them...Awwww, THANK YOU Equestrian Collections, you make me feel so loved! Special congrats to my friend & fabulous Web designer, Cathy Atkinson who's FUGLY Blog also made the Top 20 list! I'm either in great company or you're slummin' ;-)

I will be busy for the next few days so I'll continue working on the Great Paint Project in my free time. I will update that Maeve has been taking Basil out more regularly and he's been such a sweet young man. There've been a couple of inquiries on him but I had to turn one down flat and the second never followed through. It's true when you hear that the crazies come out of the woodwork when there's a horse available...geez!!!

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