Monday, March 15, 2010

Raise your Pina Colada's cuz it's COCONUT Day!!

I think it's blog worthy...and it's my blog so I'm gonna post some news of the day...

#1 - I was looking at the Donida Farm website today and saw they posted current standings for their Schooling Show series. I was blown away to read that Coconut Macaroon (Hey, I have a horse named Coconut Macaroon!) was in third place in the Open Division for horses that have shown in at least 2 shows. It didn't sink in until I saw Jeannette Parrett was the rider (Hey, that's ME!). It honestly took a moment to register...and now I am all kinds-a-proud of my crazy princess/pony!!!

#2 - I got a note from the fabulous folks at Equestrian Collections today that they selected us as "Fan of the Month"!!!! My duties as Fan of the Month appear to be watching over the Facebook Fan page with my arm full of ribbons and the world's smiliest horse ever in the photo that Larissa took at the February Donida Show. My reign might only be a month long but it's up there with Miss America if you ask me! While there is no crown or rose boquet for this Queen-of-a-little-something for the month I will be rewarded with a $25 gift certificate :) And how, you ask, did I win such an honor??? I simply hit the "Be A Fan" button on their facebook fan page. No contest to enter...I guess that silly grinned horse just captured someone's attention! My Dad told me I should send it to horse magazines ;)

And a little Basil update:

As of this weekend I decided to offer Basil up for sale. It's a hard decision to come to and I'm sure there will be tears when the time comes but I've come to the realization that this is a quality horse and he deserves a really good home that can offer him more opportunities than I can. I feel proud that I've given him a chance when his previous owner just couldn't & that he's been well loved over the last year. He's a very special boy and I'm looking for a very special home for him.

I've got him listed on Dream Horse. I'd sure appreciate it anyone would pass this info on to someone who's looking for an amazing horse...or knows someone who would be a good fit even if they may not be currently looking for a new project. I've heard really great comments from a few different sources that this is a deal!

I'm going to tell his story here soon! Check back, I think may anger and warm you all at the same time. At least it gets to me that way...


  1. He is looking so much better - not even like the same horse! I'm impressed!

  2. Thanks Cat! Can you help me find him the most amazing home ever?'re full aren't you ;-)

  3. He's beautiful Jet! I hope he finds an amazing home with someone with big plans for him. I really want to win the lotto. Then I could afford another project horse, but until that happens I can only have one pony sucking me dry.

  4. Congrats on your fan of the month! That's great! I like to celebrate the smallest of victories also..

    I had to make the difficult decision to sell one of my babies recently as well.. Not an easy choice.. I feel like I prepared him the best I could.. I really only have time for my Foxy right now. Good luck! I hope he finds a good home..