Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Beautiful Voice

I had the honor & pleasure of being the Volunteer Coordinator for Save A Forgotten Equine for just over two years and have seen many dedicated volunteers over the years. Some of them stick around for years and some take the giant leap and adopt one of the horses they've grown attached to and most move on to do other amazing things.

Today I'd like to honor a young lady I knew mostly through emails as I helped her coordinate her volunteer availability but have always been impressed with her dedication to working with the horses.

Caiti Raimer is just 17 years and has been volunteering for almost 2 years. She obviously feels tremendously in tune with the horses she helps care for and wrote this article for the Monroe Monitor featuring, once again, Bucky B Lucky...He does seem to have that affect on the people who's lives he touches. Her story is soulful and beautiful. With amazing young equestrians like this I am extremely hopeful for the future of our passion.

Please enjoy her story: The Killing of Kings

I'm very proud of you Caiti!

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