Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good News

I have but 3 minutes of onboard Internet credit to get this posted so I'll make it quick!

On Wednesday the star of my Super (Horse) Saver post (The most popular of mCheck Spellingy posts, still gets daily hits!!), Bucky B Lucky was featured on the front page of the Seattle Times in a story written by Seattle Times reporter, Lynn Thompson entitled "Rescue Groups Save Racehorses From Slaughterhouses"

THANK YOU Lynn for giving our Lucky boy a voice and bringing the possibilities for Off The Track Thoroughbreds to the public eye, front page no less! For those of you who may not be aware, she has been working on the story for some time and was able to bring (almost) all the players in this story to the table in order to tell the tale. Most of them showed their true colors, and not all of them were as bright as they might think they are.

Thank you too, to Keith Swagerty who I'm proud to call a friend and to Jeff Dorsch who spoke out to warn people what can happen so we can hopefully avoid situations like this in the future. Also thank you to all the people out there among the various groups who work hard for Thoroughbreds and all horses for that matter, to try to keep them out of the auction process...and of course to SAFE & Jaime Taft who basically bailed me out of my knee-jerk reaction to finding out that Lucky was at Enumclaw.

It's a fine community we exist in....I'm very proud to be a part of it with those of you who care so deeply.


  1. My persoanl experience with Second Chance Ranch was enough to make me NEVER want to adopt a resuce ever again as long as I lived. It was an absolute nightmare. Then I met Jeannette Parrett and she has helped me come around to the idea that maybe, just maybe when the time comes I'll be talking with Jaime and S.A.F.E to help me adopt another lifetime love. All the research I've done has shown me what a transparent, above board, ligitimate organization S.A.F.E. is, whch is why I am so very glad that S.A.F.E. got so much great press because in the world of rescue horses your organization is top notch!
    Great Work Ladies!

  2. Jennifer, Thank you for the good words about SAFE. I am very honored to be a part of the organization as a volunteer and it's the top-notch way they run things that keeps me motivated to do what I can to help them out.

    I was thrilled beyond belief that they made somewhat of an exception to their policy to take in Lucky. It wasn't just because I was the one who swooped in to get him out, but also because of the manner in which he got there. I do believe that the SAFE Board of Directors know me well enough to understand that I am not prone to lining the pockets of the meat buyers or ESP and that this save was of a personal nature. The story of how he ended up there is much more detailed than could be told, even in a newspaper story, but there are many more details that would enrage many people. I will just say that sometimes biting one's tongue is harder than one might expect but I guess we all choose to pick our battles and wait for an appropriate outlet and time. Right now the main point is that what happened to Lucky could happen to any horse on the track and for those of us who love the sport and defend it to those who distrust it, it's good to have it be public knowlege. Hopefully that's enough to make the insiders think carefully about how they rehome and the racing fans know what's possible and the critics know that there are some good folks in and around the racing industry.