Friday, December 17, 2010

Making Geldings!

Just a quick note this evening,

On Friday, December 31st, Tacoma Equine Hospital will be hosting a Gelding Clinic. If you have a stallion that needs to be a gelding then hurry and make your reservation. There are a limited number of spots open that day & Dr. Meg dGravelles is offering this service for $50. I hear there might even be two services donated to pre-qualified participants. Dr. Meg told me on the phone today that she hopes to do 10, which will take all day.

"The Tacoma Equine Hospital is planning a gelding clinic on Friday, December 31st. This is being sponsored by The Unwanted Horse Coalition - the price is $50. To make an appointment, or to volunteer to assist, call 253.535.6999. Any questions, contact Dr. Meg deGravelles (same phone number.)"

Here's a link to Tacoma Equine Hospital but I didn't see anything on their website about the clinic. I did, however, call and confirm with Dr. Meg herself that they're doing this. I'm actually going to come down and volunteer to help folks check in and get their horses unloaded, reloaded, etc...the non-medical parts I can help with.

I have a flyer if anyone would like to contact me at I'll be happy to forward one to you.

Send this information on to everyone you know. Let's

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