Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Helmet

I have the sweetest holiday helmet story to share with you...last night we were out in a Christmas Boat Parade on Lake Union with our Parrot Head friends and Santa was aboard, but not dressed up in his big red suit, just a red henley, some jeans and his traditional hat. My six year old grandson, Daemon, spotted him waiting on the dock to get on board and asked if that was really Santa and I told him "Yes, I think so...but remember tonight is his last night off before his BIG toy delivery day, so he's probably trying to keep it low key."

Spectacular lights on the water

The voyage was fantastic...we saw all sizes of boats decked out for Christmas and the largest one, The Christmas Ship, broadcasted live caroling out to the flotilla. It was really a spectacular event to be a part of.

We were not alone out there!!

Our boat ride took some unexpected turns...just before we left, we were boarded by the Seafair Pirates and Daemon lost no time joining up with the scally-ways & soon had tricked them out of a whole handful of their dabloons and a very large diamond from from their treasure chest. Arrrgh,...he be a sly one that Daemon!

Never fear, Daemon outsmarted these pesky prirates!!
The pirates even tried to capture the Princess (yes ME!) a time or two...

but in the end I was rescued by the Parrot Prince!! *Kiss Kiss*
 We know just about everyone on the boat so we let Daemon pretty much have his run of the place but it was towards the end of the trip that I discovered him engaged in a very one-on-one chat with Santa. Picture them in fold up chairs on the upper deck...Daemon sitting with a leg under himself for some height an arm draped over the back of the chair, leaning in to make sure that every bit of important information was communicated and received...looking deeply into Santa's eyes...

You're probably thinking that he was going over his list...but as I moved in closer (undetected at first because he was so engrossed in the conversation) I overheard the very intently asked question "So where DO you get all those toys?" ...and of course Santa explained how it was up to the elves to make sure all those toys got made. Then came "Why do you need that BIG (arms held out) bag?" &  Santa explained that he'd probably lose toys off the sleigh in flight without it. Then came "How do you know if everyone's been naughty or nice?" and Santa said that because he flies so high he can see a lot at one time. I could see Daemon taking that in, nodding his head knowingly as he figured out loud "So if you're a mile up in the air, you can probably see from the North Pole all the way to North America" Santa nodded along.

Next came the flying reindeer question where Santa explained how reindeer start learning to fly when they're just babies, that they just like to do it and he'd never use a whip on a reindeer or any animal. And then the question that makes this whole scene horse-blog worthy....

"Santa, when you're way up there in the sky, riding in your sleigh, do you wear a helmet?"...."No" Santa replied...he'd never fallen out of the sleigh before. In a very sincere & caring voice Daemon told Santa "But if you did fall out you could get hurt very bad & I don't want you to get hurt."

Eventually the conversation turned to things that Daemon might want for Christmas and he had his mental list ready, not only telling him what he wanted but I even overheard him leaning in and explaining that "You can find that at Ross!" so Santa knew where to go in case he hadn't already loaded it up for him. Whatever it was (I didn't get close enough to hear the exact list as he did try to keep that part of the conversation "low key") he did mention that his Mom had told him he may have to save his money and buy it after Christmas so it would be ok if Santa brought it because he knew his Mom wasn't going to get it. Santa told him he couldn't go against Mom's wishes but that he try his best to make sure Daemon was happy on Christmas morning. Daemon seemed OK with that answer but asked "Do you think you could at least get to #3 on the list?" I don't know how Santa could refuse after that whole conversation.

Santa & Daemon showing off the treasure he got from the Pirates!
 Eventually the subject of Santa's cookie preferences came up and why wouldn't he just go out the door rather than back up the chiminey, etc... but you can guess that this was a magical night for young Daemon...and the rest of us as well. As he got up to leave, Daemon said his good-byes & said "Merry Christmas Safe up there in the sky!!!" as Santa walked away, Daemon turned to me and "I really do wish Santa would wear a helmet!"

His Mom makes him wear a helmet every time he rides a bike or his scooter and I have instilled in him the importance of wearing a helmet while riding horses. I've had him promise never to ride without one and I try to be a good example by wearing one every time I ride as well...even when he's not with me. So that's my Holiday Helmet story...and here's a few photos of Daemon in his helmet at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show riding Lexi the rescue horse.

Safe Riding at the SAFE Benefit Horse Show 2009

First Place!!

Enjoy Christmas Eve merry and bright and ALWAYS wear a helmet when you ride!!!

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