Saturday, January 1, 2011

48 Lines about 25 Horses

Some of the horses who were featured in Hoofprints Across My Heart in 2010...

(to the tune of "88 Lines about 44 women" by The Nails)

Coconut was found and saved
She's what dreams have come to be
Scarlet, she was one of four
Their neglect still dumbfounds me
Deliah was a two-for-one
She was in a motherly way
They showed up with Rose & Ruby
Who came to SAFE but could not stay

Sugar is an artist's Paint
I love that girl like she's my own
Basil is a handsome boy
He finally found himself a home
Mercedes came and picked us up
Coconut was cool with it
Kitty went on her first trail
Since then I doubt she's stopped one bit.

No Flies On Doodle, what a doll
Starts the meet with a SWAG win
Forener was lighting fast
I'd like to see some more of him!
Oaks Day was just second place
For miss Rachael Alexandra
Atta Boy (Roy), our hometown boy
proved to us he was a "mudda"

Another mudder, Super Saver
Won the Derby in Kentucky
My bet on him won me the cash
To save Bucky B Lucky
Jaime's Thoroughbred, Grand Slam
Showed his favorite color, BLUE!
We said good-bye to Chinook Pass
He was a hero, through & through

Ravel & Steffen took home bronze
Their Dressage sure made US proud
Totilas, a stunning horse
Was a favorite of the crowd
Phillippe ~ Vigo, a perfect pair
The model World Equestrian
But Hickstead was the perfect one
No matter who was riding him

Zenyatta danced into our hearts
She won nearly every race
We lost Cedar County Queen
But she left us full of grace
Lola came to stay with us
She frolicked in the sunny weather
Jasmine found her final home
I'm grateful for that time together

48 lines about 25 horses...

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