Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year later...

A year ago I had this idea that I should write about my many equine adventures while looking back at the previous year & wishing I'd thought to keep track of them...thus the birth of Hoofprints Across My Heart...

I actually started out with a few plans for 2010 and hoped I'd be able to fulfill them so my project wouldn't end up a bust....and secretly prayed that I'd actually find other things to write about, actually worrying that now that I had made a public commitment that I'd fall short of the amazing year I thought 2009 was. BOY, was that a wasted worry!!!

As I started out the year, I found myself without anything actually in the works under the "Making a difference in the life's of horses" part of my intent so I started telling the tale of how I re-entered the horse world in my 40's. that naturally led to what became "The Coconut Chronicles". I swear it was just my intent to share my journey of coming to have Coconut Macaroon in my life. Imagine my surprise when my friends start calling me in tears & the emails started coming when I needed to take a break from "Please write more...". Thank you to all of you who started out with me and went through the retelling as it actually was very emotional reliving it and giving it a life of it's own.

Then the other stories started presenting themselves and I was finding things to write about all around me. Sometimes the blog became a monster that needed feeding when I just didn't have the time but once I sat down to connect with the keyboard, the stories often wrote themselves and I got some sleep (sometimes, yes, I do sleep!).

Some stories just never made it here and maybe I'll still reserve them in my brain for a lull in my adventures but somehow that just hasn't been the case...and I couldn't be happier!! (unless of course I could find a way to make a living at this!).

At first I got a few "followers" and I was honored...and then I discovered that I could read Stats on my account a few months ago and was floored to learn about how many people have read it and that I actually have some Most Popular pages.

Of all the things I've able to be a part of, I'd have to say that the Bucky B Lucky story has been among the top and that it continues to be my NUMBER ONE blog post with (still) daily hits proves that we did the right thing by pulling him out of the kill pen, giving him a new direction and a SAFE home!

Can I just say that again??? Every.....Single....Day.... Super (Horse) Saver get's multiple views. There are days, even seven months later, that it's is my number one most popular post by day. That I had anything to do with that whole situation is humbling and that he continues to speak out through his story fills my hoof-imprinted heart to the very brim!

I'd also like to THANK YOU....the readers of my blog, you blow me away actually!! I am so very grateful for those who have come through this with me, saddled up along the way or actually became a friend through this project. I have to say that I do this for me, but knowing you're there is inspirational in itself!

As we head into 2011, yes, I do already have some adventures lined up so I hope you'll find this coming year as adventurous as the last and let's hope we all can make a difference in the lives of horses because, as we know, they certainly make a difference in ours!

ps: I LOVE to hear from you so please feel free to post comments or contact me

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