Monday, January 31, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon...

I'm just smiling today and it's all because of a little horse named Sinatra...

Even the winter coat can't hide the neglect. Photo From SAFE Msg Board
Almost 3 years ago, a straggly little colt was seized by King County Animal Control as part of the large & highly publicized Jean Elledge neglect case. He was thought to be 4-5 months at the time he came to live with SAFE (Save A Forgotten Equine) in Monroe. His young body was thin, covered in rain rot, loaded with parasites and his tiny feet were severely overgrown. This is how Jean Elledge apparently "cared" for the colored horses she so deeply desired. Yes, this is the same herd that my beloved Coconut Macaroon came from.

Rain Rot, 2 days after the seizure:  Photo From SAFE Msg Board

His Cremello coloring was passed to him through his sire, Seas The Golden Day, the Saddlebred Stallion that Jean owned and bred to everything that walked...and then starved to death. This little guy was discovered in a 12x36 pen with another neglected colt and a dead mare decomposing just 15' feet away who, at the time, was thought to be the Dam to one of these boys.
Starting to recover. Photo From SAFE Msg Board
It was his stunning blue eyes that inspired SAFE to name him Sinatra. All along, like his namesake, Sinatra has being doing things His Way. It turned out that he was actually almost a year old at the time of the seizure, just very small for his age. He might have seemed wise beyond his years in some ways & he never let his size get in the way of doing his job, be it pretending to be a ferocious Stallion (which he isn't....all the SAFE boys are geldings...or become one!) or being the self appointed leader of the baby herd.  Over the years he developed quite a personality & has always been a volunteer favorite.

Stallion (gelding) Game at Bonnie's w/Benny. Photo From SAFE Msg Board
 There were some less than flattering images of him posted of his awkward 2-3 year old phase & he often wore a coat of green and brown because he wasn't necessarily tidy about his personal appearance (Hey, he's a horse right!?!?)

Two months post-rescue and showing some improvement. Photo From SAFE Msg Board

But when he got cleaned up, he cleaned up VERY well!!

Summer of 2009  Photo - J. Parrett

At his first horse show, the 2009 SAFE Benefit Horse Show, he won FIRST PLACE in Halter-Rescue. The judge said he walked in the arena and shot her a look as if to say "You know you want to give me the what are you going to do about the rest of those ribbons?" She was powerless to his confidence and we were all very proud of him that day.

Quite the Showman at the 2009 SAFE Benefit Horse Show

Back home, even after his Horse Show victory, he was the same old guy....up to his own brand of mischief and just a funny horse who seemed engaged with his human staff.

Nap time with the SAFE Babies. Photo J. Parrett

Some time last year one of his fans stepped up and offered him an amazing opportunity to move to a fancy barn & receive training. This week SAFE Volunteer, Sara, went over to check in on him and was thrilled to report back that Sinatra was on stage for a jumping lesson and he did really well. On top of that, he recently went to his first jumping competition at the Gold Creek Jumper Schooling Show and took FIRST PLACE in all four of his classes.
In Training: January 2011 - Photo by Sara Hall

Another show, another FOUR Blue Ribbons!! Photo by Sara Hall

He's still available for adoption  & my guess is that he'd be missed at his current home and by his current rider. But what a fantastic job they've done with him. What a transformation from gangly colt to fancy showman, but then his name gave him a reputation to live up to and I think he has.

Very soulful: Photo J.Parrett
He's about 14.1 hh and suitable for a child or light adult intermediate rider. If you're interested in Sinatra he's available through SAFE & his adoption fee is $1,000. That's a bargain when you consider all of the training he's already received and his Proven Show Record!! 5 for 5 and BLUE all the match his eyes!

More information about Sinatra at the SAFE Website

Take Me Home! Photo-J.Parrett

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